About Romanita Hairston

Romanita has spent over two decades working with individuals and families living in under-resourced communities. She has seen the power of positive relationships, supportive families and strong community systems in improving the lives of children. She believes in the power of purposeful collective action to end poverty, fight injustice and build a better world for children.

Romanita leads with a conviction that “we all give back by starting where we are with what we have to achieve sustainable solutions to poverty here and around the world.” She has dedicated her life, professionally and personally, to improving the well being of children.

This drive to “give back” led to 20 years of service with World Vision.  Over the course of her service, Romanita worked for 10 years at the local and regional level to develop leaders and transform communities and led all the U.S. programs for the remaining 10 years, impacting thousands of organizations and millions of beneficiaries in urban and rural communities across the country through a variety of community based initiatives and national programs.  She now serves as the President and Founder of MORE320 and as a Program Director for The Murdock Charitable Trust. Romanita says, “These two roles allow me to work on both ends of the social sector. I can increase individual and organizational impact through direct service, capacity development and thought leadership alongside contributing to organizational impact through philanthropy. It’s a perfect combination.”

Romanita believes, “it is important to demonstrate service beyond one’s paid vocation when you are asking others to do the same. She is guided by two scriptures that shape her belief in how we can do MORE with God’s help, Ephesians 3:16-21 and Luke 12:47-48. We should always be willing to fulfill the call we make to others.” This has led to a vibrant life of local volunteerism and service.

Romanita is a national spokesperson who addresses both sacred and secular issues related to navigating difference, reconciliation, community and economic development, poverty, and child well being. Romanita holds two bachelors degrees from the University of Washington as well as an MBA from Eastern University of Philadelphia. She will begin a PhD program in Theology in 2018 at the University of Bristol. She currently serves on the board of Global Women, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Urban Alliance, Opportunity Nation, Praxis, and Urban Family Center.

An academic all-star in college, Romanita was accepted to law school and into a PhD program, but her heart was calling her to help children change their lives. Romanita is now pursuing a Ph.D in theology through Trinity University in the UK. She and her husband, Dwight, make their home in Seattle and they have five children.

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